Casey first noticed his vision was starting to become blurry at 15 years old. An initial diagnosis determined he had a cataract, but after undergoing the recommended cataract surgery, his vision continued to decline. As a goal-oriented person, Casey was looking forward to his future, including his aspirations to join the military and become an elected official. Ultimately, he knew he wanted to help people. However, Casey’s dreams started to diminish due to his vision issues.  

He avoided talking about his concerns and effectively hid his progressively worsening vision from his family and his peers. Casey’s aunt noticed his vision was worsening and knew he needed to visit the eye doctor to find out what was wrong. After years of not knowing what was causing his deteriorating vision, Casey was finally diagnosed with progressive keratoconus.

It was then that Casey was referred to Dr. Shachar Tauber, an experienced ophthalmologist at Mercy Hospital in Springfield. Dr. Tauber assured Casey that there was a procedure available that could slow or halt the progression of his keratoconus. Knowing there was a way to slow or halt the progression came as a relief for Casey. With encouragement from Dr. Tauber and a discussion of the risks of the procedure, Casey underwent iLink® FDA-approved cross-linking in his left eye in June of 2020 – and was Dr. Tauber’s first patient to undergo the procedure.

Watch the video* below from Mercy Hospital to learn more about this young man with progressive keratoconus and how he was able to get relief from various treatments, including iLink® FDA-approved cross-linking.

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