Confidence can be described as a belief in one’s self and one’s ability to succeed. Following the FDA approval of corneal cross-linking over two years ago, we have heard many patients and families talk about how being able to effectively treat progressive keratoconus has allowed them to move forward confidently in their lives. While it may be hard to believe at first, the uncertainty experienced during diagnosis does not last forever. Many people who have received an effective treatment path, whether that is cross-linking, Intacs® or contact lenses/glasses, are now thriving in school, professionally, and athletically.

For many people diagnosed with keratoconus, confidence plays a key role in moving forward and the ability to live their life without worrying that keratoconus will slow them down. Parents and family members can also feel confident knowing that their loved one’s keratoconus, if treated early enough, will not drastically affect their lives growing up and the futures they are envisioning.

In honor of everyone on a journey with keratoconus, we wanted to share how our Living with KC community is living every day to the fullest. Our hope is that by hearing from others with keratoconus, people might gain confidence as they navigate their condition and evaluate FDA approved treatment options.

We recently asked the Living with KC community to share what gives them confidence in their daily lives, while living with keratoconus. Here are the inspiring responses we received.


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