“I love to hunt deer (and) duck. When you hunt a duck you can shoot with a shotgun. When you go to shoot the duck, I would have to squint my eyes to get a clear picture.”
– Jackson Rainbow, age 22

Jackson is no stranger to chronic medical conditions. After battling Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Stage 3 cancer when he was younger, Jackson began noticing issues with his vision about six years later. As he got older, Jackson’s vision became progressively worse, and it began to affect some of his favorite pastimes – specifically hunting as he had to squint to make out his target. Jackson’s vision issues also affected his job as a commercial driver because he often had to strain his eyes to see clearly.

When his vision really started to impact his quality of life, Jackson decided it was time to figure out what was causing his vision problems. He visited his cousin, who is a therapeutic optometrist. Ultimately, Jackson was diagnosed with keratoconus and referred to Dr. Jerry Hu at the Texas Eye and Laser Center to confirm his diagnosis and discuss the available treatment options. After confirming his diagnosis, Dr. Hu recommended that Jackson undergo iLink FDA-approved cross-linking as soon as possible to slow or halt the progression of the condition to preserve his vision. After undergoing the procedure in 2019, Jackson is now able to continue with his life and hobbies without worry.

Jackson and Dr. Hu recently spoke with the Herald Democrat to discuss Jackson’s journey with keratoconus and iLink FDA-approved cross-linking, as well as his life since the procedure. You can read the full article here.

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