Shanice, 34, was diagnosed with progressive keratoconus during a routine eye exam. However, she has refused to let the disease stop her from pursuing her love of football. Based on the recommendation from her ophthalmologist, Dr. Joseph Iuorno of Commonwealth Eye Care Associates in Richmond, VA, Shanice received the iLink​​® FDA-approved cross-linking procedure to slow or halt the progression of her keratoconus and preserve vision. Now, with specialty lenses in place to help improve her vision[1],[2], Shanice has gone on to follow her dream of playing professional football.

In July and August of 2022, Shanice competed at the 2022 IFAF World Championship as part of the U.S. Women’s National Tackle Football Team. From preparing and packing for training camp to the final game of the competition, Shanice documented her journey, showing how she manages her condition and prioritizes her eye health while traveling and playing professional football. Check out the videos and pictures below of Shanice’s journey to bringing home the gold medal in Finland. Congratulations team USA!

VIDEO: Shanice packing her eye care essentials for training camp

Feeling prepared for Finland!

Shanice enjoying some downtime with friends

VIDEO: Training hard even in the heat

VIDEO: Shanice’s last day of training camp

VIDEO: USA vs. Germany match at the IFAF World Championship in Finland. Team USA won 63-0!

Shanice taking the field at the 2022 IFAF Women’s World Championship

Taking home the gold and the coveted title of 2022 IFAF Women’s World Champions!

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