“Baseball has been a part of my DNA since I could pick up a bat. This surgery…has given me kind of a second chance at being able to do things at a level I never thought I would be able to do.” – Chris Harris, broadcaster for the Mississippi Braves

Chris Harris has had a passion for baseball throughout his entire life. He started playing little league at a young age and moved on to become a pitcher and first baseman for Bethel University before stepping into his current role as a broadcaster for the Mississippi Braves, a minor league team.

Chris has called more than 1,500 games in his broadcasting career. However, over the years, he began to notice vision challenges that impacted his career and his everyday life. He had trouble trying to shake someone’s hand, often missing completely due to inaccurate depth perception. In addition, he suffered from unbearable headaches on a daily basis, and even had some vision loss.

Chris went down every avenue in his search for answers, consulting with ENT doctors, psychologists, and brain specialists.  At one point, he even decided to have an MRI as he feared that a brain tumor might be causing the problems. It wasn’t until he visited the eye doctor that he found the answer he had been looking for – he was living with a progressive eye condition known as keratoconus.

When discussing potential treatment options with Dr. William Ashford of Eye Surgery and Laser Center, Chris was recommended for FDA-approved corneal cross-linking, which he agreed to undergo following the end of the baseball season. Now, Chris wears contacts and is “seeing at a level [he] had not seen in years.” He is also helping to raise awareness of keratoconus and advocating for routine eye exams.

Chris recently spoke with WJTV Sports Director, Noah Newman, about his journey with keratoconus, undergoing cross-linking, and his life following the procedure. You can watch his video below.

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