Videos: How to Use Scleral Lenses!

If you have progressive keratoconus and recently received the iLink® FDA-approved cross-linking procedure, your optometrist might be getting ready to fit you for scleral lenses. Learn more about scleral lenses and how they can be an effective way to correct vision if you have keratoconus today.

A Parent’s Perspective: Abby

As a parent of a high school student, I knew my son would face many of the typical challenges that a teenager encounters during that time, such as navigating exams, sports, and friendships. However, I did not anticipate that a progressive eye condition would be an additional hurdle. After learning that Louis was living with progressive keratoconus, we knew that we needed to take control of the situation quickly.

Is Progressive Keratoconus Often Misdiagnosed?

It is not uncommon for someone with keratoconus to be misdiagnosed or even to have their keratoconus go undiagnosed. Unfortunately, many of the symptoms of keratoconus are characteristic of other eye problems and could lead your eye doctor to believe you have another, more common, eye issue.

Curious About Keratoconus & the iLink® FDA-Approved Cross-Linking Procedure? Hear From Doctors Treating the Condition

We recently connected with some doctors who specialize in treating keratoconus to gain more insight about living with this progressive condition. In this blog, the physicians will discuss various topics, including the signs and symptoms to look for, the importance of an early diagnosis, what can increase the progression of keratoconus, the benefits of the iLink® procedure, and much more! keratoconus.

Santa Barbara News-Press: Surgical Specialist Performs FDA-Approved Treatment for Progressive Keratoconus

If you have been diagnosed with progressive keratoconus, your physician may have recommended the FDA-approved iLink​​Ⓡ cross-linking procedure. The goal of the procedure is to slow or halt the progression of the condition to help preserve vision. In California, Dr. Douglas Katsev, Founder and Surgical Director of Santa Barbara Eyecare, is performing this treatment.