Keratoconus Journey: Diana

At 14 years old, Diana found herself squinting to see the board at school and while watching television. It wasn’t until a decade later Diana discovered she was living with progressive keratoconus.

Keratoconus Journey: Steven

Although Steven struggled with his vision for a decade, it wasn’t until he suggested to his wife that they get a bigger television that he realized his declining eyesight was becoming problematic.

Keratoconus Journey: Jackson

Jackson has had a rocky relationship with his vision for years. He tried his best to adapt to his declining vision, and even got his first pair of glasses, however his vision only continued to worsen. After struggling for over a decade, Jackson finally learned what was causing his vision issues.

Keratoconus Journey: Casey

Casey noticed his vision was blurry at just 15 years old. An initial diagnosis determined he had a cataract, but after undergoing the recommended corrective surgery, his vision only continued to decline. A second opinion found that he was in fact living with keratoconus.