Thriving Despite A Difficult Situation

Considered a “failure to thrive” infant when he was born, Cedric was only given a 10% chance to live by his doctors. Cedric was taken in by one of his attending nurses who made him a part of her family.

Now surrounded by a supportive family, Cedric continued to have health problems. He grew up non-verbal and developmentally challenged. Despite these challenges, he attended and graduated from high school, finding success using technology to communicate and complete his coursework.

After graduation, Cedric went to work for a local non-profit, picking up and shredding documents that needed to be destroyed. Cedric has thrived in his role, developing strong relationships with his employers who praise his work ethic and enthusiasm. He looks forward to the three days per week that he boards the truck and goes on his route and especially enjoys the opportunity to interact with other employees and their customers.

Eyesight Problems & New Challenges

This year, Cedric’s mother noticed that his eyes seemed to move in different directions and he was having trouble seeing objects clearly. A routine eye exam revealed an unexpected diagnosis – Cedric was living with keratoconus, an eye condition that causes progressive thinning and bulging of the cornea.

The diagnosis came as a great shock to Cedric’s family who feared that the progress Cedric had achieved was in danger. He had finally found a job that allowed him to have a social connection outside of his family, and he enjoyed working as part of a team. Now, they worried that keratoconus could take away his eyesight and the sense of normalcy he had been able to achieve in recent years.

A Promising Treatment Brings New Hope

Desperate for answers, Cedric’s family took him to a local eye expert who confirmed his diagnosis. It was during this appointment that Cedric’s family learned about corneal cross-linking, a procedure that had been recently FDA approved that would potentially halt any further deterioration of his sight.

After several consultations, the doctor performed the procedure on Cedric, even agreeing to act pro bono in hopes that the surgery would preserve Cedric’s sight and quality-of-life.

Regaining Independence and Moving Forward

Following the cross-linking procedure, Cedric experienced a relatively quick recovery, despite a few days of mild to moderate pain that was resolved by prescription medication. Cedric was able to return to work in as little as two weeks, which excited his family, as they were eager to see him resume his daily routine.

While not typical, at this time, Cedric neither wears contacts nor glasses. Now that his family is no longer concerned with the progression of Cedric’s keratoconus, their focus is on helping Cedric meet and connect with people who he trusts and understand him.

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