Keratoconus Community Networks

There are several keratoconus community forums and message boards online that we encourage you to participate in to better understand keratoconus, FDA-approved cross-linking and other treatment options. These are the most common places that patients go to seek out information about their diagnosis and build relationships with members of the keratoconus community.

We encourage you to join these groups and participate in the conversation.

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Keratoconus Journey: Gage

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With the help of his doctors and corneal cross-linking, Gage is happy to be living on campus and being able to experience college the way he had always envisioned…

Keratoconus Journey: Nic

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As an airplane mechanic, Nic depends on his eyesight to inspect and repair airplanes. However, when his vision began to fail, he needed to find a “fix” for that as well…

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It is estimated that...

1 Out of Every 2,000

persons in the general population have Keratoconus1

You can find more information from the National Keratoconus Foundation.

1. Kennedy R. H., Bourne W. M., Dyer J. A. A 48-year clinical and epidemiologic study of keratoconus. The American Journal of Ophthalmology. 1986;101(3):267–273. doi: 10.1016/0002-9394(86)90817-2.

Corneal cross-linking provides patients a much-needed option to treat this debilitating disease. Patients suffering from progressive keratoconus can now receive a therapeutic treatment that has been rigorously tested and approved."

Mary Prudden, Executive Director for the National Keratoconus Foundation

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Corneal topography is one of several tools used to diagnose #keratoconus. Dr. Grace Lytle, Optometrist & VP of Medical Affairs at @Avedro_Inc, answers questions about the importance of this exam:

Insurance Update! 61 total insurance carriers are now covering #crosslinking!

Baltimore Raven's, @BrandonW_66 isn't letting his #keratoconcus keep him off the football field! Read his #KCJourney here:

Thankful for raised awareness about KC and also to connect with others with same condition.

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