Patient Guide

How will keratoconus affect my vision?

Will my keratoconus get worse?

Has my keratoconus started to affect my vision?

Has my keratoconus progressed since my last visit?

What does progressive keratoconus mean?

Does early diagnosis make any difference in keratoconus progression?

Is keratoconus genetic? Should I make sure my family members get tested?

Is there anything that makes keratoconus worse?

Do most people have the condition in both eyes? If I have it in only one eye, does that mean I might develop it in the other eye at some point?

How is keratoconus treated?

What are my treatment options, and which do you recommend?

What treatment options are covered by insurance?

Is the procedure that you are recommending FDA approved or investigational?

If the procedure you are recommending is not FDA approved, am I being enrolled in a clinical study?

Will I need contacts or eyeglasses after the procedure?