Bekah was diagnosed with keratoconus when she was 36 after she failed her vision exam at the DMV. Similar to others who are diagnosed with this condition, Bekah didn’t know anyone who was living with keratoconus and began a quick study of the condition and her potential treatment options. Like many people and their families who are living with keratoconus, Bekah relied on advice from her doctors and online research to help determine what treatment path she should follow. She ultimately decided on FDA approved cross-linking. In July 2018, Bekah video blogged her cross-linking journey to share with other keratoconus patients and their families she had connected with along her way. In this powerful video series, Bekah covers her experience from nerves leading up to procedure day through her recovery. Check out the below videos to hear how her journey went in Bekah’s own words.

Pre-CXL Part 1 of 2

Pre-CXL Part 2 of 2

Day After CXL

48 Hours Post-CXL

5 Days Post-CXL

10 Days Post-CXL

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