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  • Sylvia & Sarah discuss their journey to a keratoconus diagnosis – 1 of 4

  • Learning about Keratoconus – 2 of 4

  • Sylvia discusses Down syndrome, Keratoconus and spreading awareness – 3 of 4

  • Looking towards Sarah’s future & the importance of vision – 4 of 4

  • What is a scleral lens?

    This video reviews commonly asked questions about scleral lenses and what to expect.

  • How to take care of your contact lenses with hydrogen peroxide

    This video demonstrates how to properly care for your contact lenses using a hydrogen peroxide system.

  • How to remove a scleral contact lens

    This video reviews scleral lens removal.

  • How to insert a scleral contact lens

    This video reviews important methods to successfully insert a scleral contact lens.

  • How to insert your scleral lens with a dental ring or O ring

    This video demonstates how to insert a scleral contact lens or hybrid contact lens using a dental ring, orthodontic band, or O ring.

  • Scleral lens insertion with fingers

    To insert a scleral lens, you may use your hands or fingers. Scleral lens insertion does not necessarily require devices.

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