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There are others out there who’ve been through what you may be experiencing now. The perspective of KC patients, caretakers, and doctors can help.

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Blogs feature the latest news, professional opinions, and tips helpful for your daily life with KC.

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The KC community is ready for you with information from doctors, caretakers, and people living with keratoconus.

  • Ash’s Keratoconus Journey

    More than 317K people follow Ash Arellanes – @demi_the_vlog_dog – on TikTok because of the spirited, engaging, and informative video content she shares about her journey with keratoconus (KC), a progressive eye disease. It’s hard to imagine this 27-year-old young woman could barely see just six years ago. Now, she is committed to spreading awareness for this underdiagnosed, sight-threatening eye condition.

    Read more: Ash’s Keratoconus Journey
  • A Father’s Perspective: Mat

    In the first grade, my son Luke began complaining of vision issues, such as blurriness and double vision. To help correct this, we brought him to an optometrist who prescribed him glasses to help him see. What my wife and I didn’t realize was that our son was living with a progressive eye disease known as keratoconus.

    Read more: A Father’s Perspective: Mat
  • Sarah’s Video Series: A Story of Keratoconus, Down Syndrome, and Treatment

    During their initial appointment, the corneal specialist explained that 5-15% of people with Down syndrome also have keratoconus and recommended that Sarah consider FDA-approved corneal cross-linking…

    Read more: Sarah’s Video Series: A Story of Keratoconus, Down Syndrome, and Treatment
  • My Family’s Journey with Keratoconus

    Growing up, I thought I had perfect vision. I didn’t wear glasses or contacts and my doctors never noticed anything problematic with my eyes…

    Read more: My Family’s Journey with Keratoconus
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