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  • Taking the Plunge: Shradha’s Journey to the Depths of the Ocean with Keratoconus

    By: Shradha I was diagnosed with keratoconus at a time in my life when I was enthusiastic about changing the world. What I ended up changing, however, were seven prescriptions and five doctors over the course of two years, before a specialist finally diagnosed my condition. These were not the only changes I was dealing […]
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  • What is a scleral lens?

    This video reviews commonly asked questions about scleral lenses and what to expect.

  • How to take care of your contact lenses with hydrogen peroxide

    This video demonstrates how to properly care for your contact lenses using a hydrogen peroxide system.

  • How to remove a scleral contact lens

    This video reviews scleral lens removal.

  • How to insert a scleral contact lens

    This video reviews important methods to successfully insert a scleral contact lens.

  • How to insert your scleral lens with a dental ring or O ring

    This video demonstates how to insert a scleral contact lens or hybrid contact lens using a dental ring, orthodontic band, or O ring.

  • Scleral lens insertion with fingers

    To insert a scleral lens, you may use your hands or fingers. Scleral lens insertion does not necessarily require devices.

  • Playing Sports or Working Out With Keratoconus? Here’s What to Do!

    Managing your keratoconus should always be a top priority, and that’s especially true when you are an active individual. Read our blog to learn how to protect your eyes so you can reach peak athletic performance and hear from athletes on their fellow personal stories living and competing with keratoconus.
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  • Tips for Coping with Headaches and Light Sensitivity

    Headaches and light sensitivity are two common conditions that you most likely have heard of before or experienced firsthand. Although there are some easy fixes for these uncomfortable and sometimes inconvenient conditions, it can be stressful if they continue to occur without a known or obvious explanation.
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  • A Seasonal Guide to Allergies

    Do you feel like you’re affected by allergies year-round? You’re not alone! Hay fever affects about 6.1 million children and 20 million adults. While many people associate allergy season with the fall or spring, few know there are different allergens that can make your symptoms flare-up year-round.
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