Celebrate World Keratoconus Day on November 10th!

World Keratoconus Day is dedicated to raising awareness for keratoconus (KC), as well as educating and advocating for those living with KC. It is sponsored by the National Keratoconus Foundation, an educational program of the Gavin Herbert Eye Institute.

Join us in bringing awareness to this sight-threatening disease.

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Join us and other members of the KC community to spread the word and celebrate World KC Day. Show your support of World KC Day by following @livingwithkc on Instagram. Share your story and help drive awareness of keratoconus by tagging your posts with #WorldKCDay.

Help Advocate for Keratoconus

  • Use the hashtag #WorldKCDay to share your story on social media
  • Add yourself to the NKCF’s Interactive World KC Day Map
  • Take a selfie or a picture that shows your perspective on KC and submit it to be shared on the NKCF’s World KC Gallery
  • Share your story via a guest blog. Contact us for a 30-minute interview.

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