In April 2019, Stephen (Steph) Curry, an American professional basketball player for the Golden State Warriors, announced that he is living with keratoconus.

When squinting became “normal” for him, Steph knew that he should probably be fitted for glasses or contacts. It wasn’t until he saw a slight decline in his shooting that he realized he needed to get the problem addressed as soon as possible. When he finally went in to get fitted for contact lenses, he received unexpected news – he had been living with keratoconus for years.

To learn more about Steph’s recent announcement, read the full article in Sports Illustrated here.

Steph Curry isn’t the only professional athlete that is living with keratoconus. Brandon Williams, defensive tackle for the Baltimore Ravens, and Tommy Pham, outfielder for the Tampa Bay Rays, have also been vocal about having this condition. For more information on keratoconus, follow Living with KC on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.