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  • Sylvia & Sarah discuss their journey to a keratoconus diagnosis – 1 of 4

  • Learning about Keratoconus – 2 of 4

  • Sylvia discusses Down syndrome, Keratoconus and spreading awareness – 3 of 4

  • Looking towards Sarah’s future & the importance of vision – 4 of 4

  • professional athlete with keratoconus

    Sports Illustrated: Golden State Warrior Steph Curry Wears Contacts to Address Eye Condition

    In April 2019, Stephen (Steph) Curry, an American professional basketball player for the Golden State Warriors, announced that he is living with keratoconus...
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  • Your Child Has Been Diagnosed with Keratoconus…Now What?

    As a parent, you always want what’s best for your child and you want them to be healthy. While any medical news or diagnosis may come as a shock, oftentimes there are options available to treat or manage the condition.
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  • Down Syndrome & Keratoconus – What You Need to Know

    Down syndrome can affect the maturing eye which can impact the proper development of vision in children and adults. More than half of people with Down syndrome experience an eye disease at some point in their lives, so caregivers and doctors should monitor their vision closely.
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  • Dr. Audrey Talley-Rostov on Increasing Awareness for Keratoconus

    While symptoms for keratoconus often first appear in the late teens and early twenties, there are instances where a diagnosis may come later in life. Keratoconus can often be misdiagnosed...
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  • Five Professional Athletes Who Are Thriving While Living with KC

    Professional athletes are often viewed as superheroes. They show not only incredible strength, but also...
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  • The Emotional Impact of a Keratoconus Diagnosis

    Scared, worried, and confused are just a few of the emotions that people use when describing how they felt after a keratoconus diagnosis. Long-term illnesses can have a big impact on the daily lives of patients...
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