Lauren McGuiggan

Lauren has been with Avedro, the company behind Living With KC, for over five years, where she helps drive direct to consumer marketing initiatives and digital activities. In this role, she worked to develop and execute a strategic marketing plan to bring the first and only FDA approved therapeutic treatment for progressive keratoconus to the US market in 2016. Lauren is also focused on campaigns to improve patient access to reimbursement assistance and information about FDA-approved corneal cross-linking. She graduated from Bucknell University with a BSBA degree in Management.

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BlogLauren McGuiggan
October 8, 2020

Why We Received FDA-Approved Cross-Linking

For many people living with keratoconus, contact lenses or glasses are often prescribed as the first treatment option. While these treatments help to manage some of the symptoms of keratoconus,…
BlogLauren McGuiggan
September 23, 2020

Feel Confident Going Back to the Eye Doctor

Amid the spread of COVID-19, many states have taken appropriate precautionary measures provided by professional organizations in their operating procedures. Some may have even shut down temporarily, resulting in doctor’s…
KC JourneysLauren McGuiggan
September 16, 2020

Keratoconus Journey: Luke

Luke’s journey began at a young age. In 4th grade, he started complaining of general vision issues, including blurry and double vision. That was when he, accompanied by his parents,…
BlogLauren McGuiggan
August 18, 2020

Down Syndrome & Keratoconus – What You Need to Know

Down syndrome can affect the maturing eye which can impact the proper development of vision in children and adults. More than half of people with Down syndrome experience an eye…