When we started Living With KC our goal was simple: create a safe and inclusive patient community that supports you and your loved ones on your keratoconus journey. Now, we are expanding to YouTube to bring our mission to another social platform. You can connect with the KC community through engaging digital content on our new Living with KC YouTube channel.

Are you just starting your journey and looking for additional information on keratoconus and cross-linking? Or maybe you are interested in hearing personal keratoconus journeys? Information is power and we want to provide you with the right resources as you learn more about this eye condition.

Our YouTube channel is a now live and filled with videos to keep you better informed about keratoconus and the available treatment options, while also learning from others in the community who have had similar experiences. Videos include personal perspectives from a high-school student and his dad, to a 36-year-old mother of four who documented her cross-linking journey in its entirety.

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