Max, his father Jim, Dr. Ken Beckman, and Avedro employees celebrating World KC Day

Max was just 16 years old when a routine optometrist visit resulted in a keratoconus diagnosis and his eye health changed forever. Suddenly Max felt that doors to his future were closing due to his eyesight.

During a family vacation in Florida, an unexpected encounter with an eye doctor in a shared Uber ride led Max down the path to FDA approved cross-linking to treat his progressive keratoconus. After meeting with a cross-linking expert near his home in Ohio, Max and his family learned more about cross-linking and ultimately decided to receive the treatment in an effort to slow the progression of the disease. Max and his family are incredibly relieved that he has not required a corneal transplant.

Max and his dad sat down with us to discuss what it was like to find out Max was living with keratoconus and his journey to finding an appropriate treatment option. Specifically, Max discusses his future now that his keratoconus isn’t holding him back from following his dreams.


VIDEO SERIES 1 of 5: Max shares what it was like to learn he was living with keratoconus.

VIDEO SERIES 2 of 5: Max’s family faced the long journey of trying to find an FDA approved treatment option.

VIDEO SERIES 3 of 5: While on vacation in Florida, a random Uber Pool resulted in a new treatment path for Max.

VIDEO SERIES 4 of 5: It was hard to connect with others living with KC, while also researching treatments.

VIDEO SERIES 5 of 5: After receiving FDA approved cross-linking, Max is free to pursue his dreams.

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