Keratoconus Journey: Derek

Derek based his entire life on becoming a pilot, but at age 25, he received unexpected news that threatened to change the trajectory of his dream: he was diagnosed with progressive keratoconus.

Santa Barbara News-Press: Surgical Specialist Performs FDA-Approved Treatment for Progressive Keratoconus

If you have been diagnosed with progressive keratoconus, your physician may have recommended the FDA-approved iLink​​Ⓡ cross-linking procedure. The goal of the procedure is to slow or halt the progression of the condition to help preserve vision. In California, Dr. Douglas Katsev, Founder and Surgical Director of Santa Barbara Eyecare, is performing this treatment.

WKRC-TV Local 12 (Cincinnati, OH): Louis Advocates for Regular School Eye Exams After His Diagnosis of a Progressive Eye Condition

Fifteen-year-old Louis Jahnigen always thought he was just clumsy, until one day he failed a routine vision exam at school. At first, he simply thought he needed glasses to help improve the vision in his right eye. It wasn’t until an optometrist determined that he was living with progressive keratoconus that he realized he would need more than a pair of glasses.

Long-Islander News (Long Island, NY): Melville Sock Entrepreneur Combats Progressive Eye Condition with an FDA-Approved Treatment

When John was in middle school, he began experiencing issues with his vision, such as difficulty seeing the board during class. After visiting an ophthalmologist to get to the bottom of his symptoms, John and his family soon learned he was living with progressive keratoconus. Keep reading to learn more about John’s story.

Keratoconus Journey: Diana

At 14 years old, Diana found herself squinting to see the board at school and while watching television. It wasn’t until a decade later Diana discovered she was living with progressive keratoconus.